All construction works for the primary arena of the Tokyo 2020 Olympic, and Paralympic Games have wrapped up.

Authorities from the Japan Game Chamber on Tuesday informed the media about the advancement of the new National Arena in Tokyo.

They said the construction of the entirety of the arena's offices, for example, the field, onlookers' seats, and passerby decks around the arena, are currently wrapped up. The committee will check the offices, and the arena will be prepared on November 30.

They said construction costs totaled 152.9 billion yen or about 1.4 billion dollars. This was higher than anticipated because of changes in costs and work costs, however lower than the administration set the roof of 155 billion yen.

Concerning the utilization of the arena after the 2020 Games, the chamber was planned to concoct an arrangement by the center of this current year to hand over the arena's activity to the private division. Be that as it may, it currently expects to draw up the arrangement after the Tokyo Games.

It says nitty-gritty structures of the arena ought not to be given to private organizations before the Olympics for security reasons.