A platform is being given Korean tech leaders to advocate how cutting-edge technologies can transform the digital future and make life uncomplicated, by Europe's biggest trade show for household appliances and consumer electronics.

A day before IFA 2019 inauguration in Berlin, about 20000 producers and brands are ready to announce their top-most products and services that will be launched in markets during the shopping season like Christmas holidays or black Friday sale.

South Korea’s leading tech firms- Samsung Electronics Co. and LG Electronics Inc. might be strong competitors in 8K TV technology, as they attempt to build their stronger position in yet an immature market.

A year after launching 8K QLED (quantum dot LED) television, Samsung decided to adjust the technology by adding a 55-inch model to the current 65-, 75-, 82- and 85-inch lineup.

Samsung mentioned, by this addition to the lineup, we are meeting consumer's demand by bringing variability in sizes so that we can cater to different home sizes.

As the difference between home appliances and furniture continues to fade, Samsung has decided to launch personalized home appliances to meet a variety of consumer needs. For example its new BESPOKE refrigerators.

There are different categories of BESPOKE refrigerators which include different sizes between one-door and four-door design and it also offers a variety in colors and designs.

LG Electronics Inc. is specialized in designing electronics creatively and in a fascinating way. One such example is its curved OLED (organic light-emitting diode) TVs, and the same pattern will be observed in IFA.

At the booth entryway, LG will exhibit a huge artificial waterfall, shaped by 260 55-inch OLED panels.

Making their way through the waterfall starring Dolby's Atmos sound, the audience will see 6 rollable TVs that will be seen rolling up and down illustrating moving sunsets and waves