Qualcomm Inc. is an American multinational corporation that manufactures semiconductors and telecom equipment, headquartered in San Diego, California. They produce and market wireless telecom products and services globally. They make most of their revenues from chipmaking and the patent licensing business generates profits.

On Friday, the 6th of September, Qualcomm had claimed to launch mid-range 5G (5th generation) smartphones. They claim that the masses will now have access to high-end modems, embedded in their smartphones, and they claim to bring to the public as early as 2020. However, it is still uncertain where the Chinese tech giant, Huawei Inc., stands in this race of being first movers.

Qualcomm has already started supplying its fifth-generation chipsets to Samsung. Samsung has embedded chips on only five of their phones up till now. One of these phones includes a $1,299 Galaxy S10 5G and the new luxury Galaxy Fold at the price of $2,000.

Apart from the Galaxy series, Samsung being the world's no. 1 smartphone vendor has also embedded 5G chipsets in its low-budget A series, A90 to be specific, with 5G chipsets. These smartphone models were priced at €750. It is predicted that 5G networks will take much less time to replace 4G as it did for 4G to replace 3G networks. The president of Qualcomm himself that this transition will be much faster than it is anticipated compared to all other transitions from one network to the other.

Qualcomm and Samsung are determined to bring 5G to everyone. Truth be told, almost all smartphone manufacturers are slowly investing in 5G technology. This might lead to very tough competition in the smartphone market between manufacturers. Huawei, despite being deprived of resources because of US restrictions, launched high-quality chipsets much earlier than its competitors, and they were much superior compared to Qualcomm's Snapdragon 8 series.