Are of unaware of Riley automobiles? So am I, and I have been in the automobile industry throughout my grown-up life. But currently, I got to know about this week’s 1959 Riley 1.5 saloon (sedan) at the all-British car event held at the Blackhawk Museum, and I had an urge to know more about it. Similar to a lot of other early auto manufacturers, they had begun to manufacture bicycles and motorbikes, since 1890 as the Bonnick Cycle Company, in Coventry, England. William Riley Junior acquired the company in 1896 and altered the name of the company to The Riley Cycle Company Limited. The 2nd son of Riley, Percy, left school when he was just 16 years old and constructed his first car behind closed doors in 1898 as his father did not allow and was against using the profits generated by his bicycle for manufacturing cars.

After some time, the senior Riley seemingly looked at the future in a different way as he upturned his hostility to automobiles and the Riley Cycle Company stopped manufacturing motorbikes in 1907 and bicycles in 1911, so it could focus on automobiles. There were a lot of people struggling to produce automobiles during this time duration, and the elder Riley, in 1912, planned to concentrate on being the wire-spoke wheel contractor for the industry, substituting the polder version wooden spoke wheel that was in use during that period. His son Percy had created and patented the removable wire wheel and the Riley Company spread wire wheels to greater than 80 automobile manufacturers and closed manufacturing of cars.

However, the sons, Percy, Victor, Stanley, and Allen, started constructing a wide range of vehicles in 1913. The brand name became really famous in the automotive industry, constructing all kinds of cars.