A new report has been added by CMFE Insights on the global Tiger Nut market that shed light on the effective examination techniques. It provides a detailed description on the dynamic view of the market which has different perspectives. This report summarizes about the technologies, which can help to scale up the growth of the businesses in the near future. Tiger Nut Market is increasing at a healthy CAGR of XX% during Forecast period 2019-2025.

The growing demand so much healthy, plant-based snacks among shoppers has fueled the growth of tiger nuts in recent years. Tiger bonkers area unit present stalk of sedge grass called Cyprus esculents Latium. Tiger bonkers don't belong to the nut family, however they need a texture like wrinkled crunchy granules. Tiger bonkers are natively cultivated and consumed in Egypt and Spain as a part of the Mediterranean diet because of the growing consumer awareness regarding natural plant-based dietary merchandise, tiger nuts are processed into snacks, juice extracts., grounded flour, oil, etc. The presence of fiber content makes tiger nuts perfect for a cereal breakfast. because of their exotic creamy flavor and delicious taste, tiger bonkers notice applications in pancakes and desserts. The presence of an adequate concentration of carbohydrates makes tiger nuts an excellent alternative sweetener for diabetic patients.

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Market segmentation by Key Players:
  • L.
  • The Tiger Nut Company Ltd
  • Tiger Nuts USA
  • Amandín
Market segmentation by Key Region
  • North America
  • Europe
  • Asia Pacific
  • Latin America
  • Middle East and Africa
There is a growing demand for fine quality products from the promptly rising middle-class consumer population, which is one of the key trends that marks the development of the global Tiger Nut market. The emerging markets including the Middle East and Africa, Latin America, and the Asia Pacific have been thriving with continuous cumulative demand. An upsurge of the disposable income of the middle class is also responsible for the development of the market.  Segment by Type:
  • Micro Tigernuts(Length:6mm-7mm)
  • Standard Tigernuts(Length:8mm-11mm)
  • Large Tigernuts(Length:12mm-16mm)
Segment by Application:
  • Food and oil applications
  • Medicine and cosmetic industry
  • Other uses
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