TNEDICCA® is the leader in traffic crash intelligence that is based on location and predictive analytics which allow more accurate pricing of auto insurance. It has announced the closing of 750,000 dollars in capital funding.

TNEDICCA has planned to make use of this additional capital for continuing to scale this crash data coverage as well as risk score implementations with the auto insurance companies. TNEDICCA shall also be expanding their account management, product development, and the sales teams for helping scale the platform and also increasing distribution via its strong pipeline of extra insurance companies.

This funding round shall be lead by an investment firm Pixel Perfect Ventures along with Grange Insurance who is an early adopter of this technology and a strategic partner in the development. This funding round shall also include additional investments from an outside insurance organization.

Partner at the Pixel Perfect Ventures, Mr. Raj Malik, who shall also be joining the Board of Directors of TNEDICCA said that the team at TNEDICCA had built a remarkable impressive proprietary platform which captured and enriched traffic accident data to a particular address and crossing street over most of the United States. The co-founders of TNEDICCA, YiemSunbhanich, and Nizam Syed have also taken a highly scientific and innovative approach by making use of the newly available data of crash location that they have created for taking auto insurance risk segmentation to new horizons for the industry.

The proprietary crash risk scores of the company have empirically proven to be able to deliver an average of forty percent incremental predictive value in addition to the current pricing capability of the insurance companies. Beyond auto insurance, TNEDICCA is also offering safety-related solutions for automotive manufacturers, navigation service providers, and smart cities.