Samsung Can Benefit From China-US Trade War

Samsung Electronics has many different electronic products that has invaded the market. However, their most common product that stands out fully and is well-known all over the world are their smartphones. Samsung smartphones are known to be the first or second best phones in the world, with high competition against Apple.

However, there has been even a greater competition with Huawei being introduced to the market. Huawei is another phone company that uses  the same android technology as Samsung. Huawei which is China based has been developing better performing phones than Samsung in the past 2 years which has led to the fall of Samsung in the market as part of its share is going to Huawei.

However, with the current trade war taking place between China and the United States, a great opportunity has been made for Samsung to be able to excel once more. Samsung can actually take a huge leap forward through this downfall of Huawei, which can help it be ahead in the race.

More details were given through a statement released by an analyst at Eugene Investment & Securities, Lee Seung-woo. He commented saying, “Huawei smartphones are expected to lose share in overseas markets quickly if sanctions against core software are strengthened. The potential for Samsung to enjoy “recovery momentum in its smartphone business, which has been damaged by Huawei’s sudden rise. We don’t believe that all potential [Huawei] consumers will buy competitors’ handsets, because Huawei focused on mid- and low-price smartphones with good quality”

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