AC Units Sold At High Capacity

AC Units Sold At High Capacity

With a little set back in the electronics market in South Korea and a decline in sales, new studies show that there is an anticipated increase in the sales of Air conditioning unit this summer. Due to global warming and the hot weather provided this year during the summer, the AC units are expected to be sold at higher rates, leading the electronics market.

Reports show that sales of AC units might reach a total of 3 million units this summer alone. The previous summer in South Korea was known for being very hot and unbearable which lasted for a longer time. This has encouraged people to actually move towards purchasing more units this year as it is has been announced that the next summer will be associated with a heat wave and might even last long. This sounds as good news for the leading AC providers in South Korea including Samsung Electronics, LG Electronics and Dayou Winia.

The previous value in sales that was considered as huge was 2.5 million units sold. However, that value was calculated over a period of 2 years, while this year alone is expected to reach the anticipated 3 million units in sales. This might now be considered as the most wanted electronic home appliance in South Korea compared to TVs and washing machines.

There has already been an increase in the sales of almost 60% compared to the units sold at the same time last year

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