UAE ranked as the world’s safest place

UAE ranked as the world’s safest place

It was revealed by the Numbeo crowd-sourced global database that Abu Dhabi is the safest city for 2019, scoring highest marks on the safety index with 89.3 points.

Major General Al Obaidly stated that our leaders have urged us to improve the people’s feeling of being secure. In spite of the sense of a drop in safety across the world, the United Arab Emirates has become a safety oasis. Many security initiatives & projects helped us in achieving this.

The United Arab Emirates was ranked as the world’s safest place as 96.1% people feel comfortable to walk outside even at the night time, according to officials on Sunday

The top safest cities of the world were considered to be Taipei in Taiwan, Canada’s Quebec, Doha, and Munich in Germany. Dubai was also included in the top ten with 83.34 points in 6th place, followed by the Zurich and Bern cities of Switzerland. Eskisehir in Turkey was ranked 10th & Hong Kong was ranked 9th respectively.

Numbeo’s crime index for mid-2019 was based on the levels of crime and safety and ranked a total of 328 cities.

Amongst other Gulf cities, Muscat in Oman was ranked 28th, Manama in Bahrain was placed at 32nd, whereas the cities of Saudi Arabia, Riyadh, and Jeddah, were placed at 64th and 103rd respectively.

According to the report, the least world’s safest cities was Venezuela’s capital of Caracas, which was followed by South Africa’s Pietermaritzburg, Papua New Guinea’s Port Moresby and San Pedro Sula in Honduras. The South African cities of Durban and Pretoria were ranked with a high crime index with 80.42 points & 81.16 points respectively.

In order to create the safety index, the firms say it filters surveys so that any potential spam can be eliminated, Such as people entering a large amount of data which differs from the median value.


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