Nicaragua Cooperating In the Field Of Healthcare

Under-Secretary of the Ministry of Health and Prevention, Dr. Mohamed Salim Al Olama has received a high-ranking delegation from Nicaragua that was headed by Sonia Castro Gonzalez, the Minister of Health.

In the meeting, both sides discussed the means for boosting cooperation in healthcare services, exchanging of visits, and harnessing the expertise of United Arab Emirates in the system of preventive health as well as reduction of the non-communicable diseases.

They further debated the possibility of the establishment of private pharmaceutical plants as well as hospitals in the Nicaragua, and the dispatchment of medical teams for contributing to the treatment of a few medical cases and also the learning regarding the experience of Nicaragua in kidney transplantation.

Dr. Salim Al Olama further emphasized the openness of United Arab Emirates to all the medical experiences at the worldwide level. He also shed light on the MoHAP’s constant endeavors for keeping pace with the wise vision of the government in terms of creating the notion of innovation as a road map for providing the preventive health services as well as for attracting the international expertise and also partnerships in the field of healthcare and medical supplies.

Gonzalez highlighted qualitative achievements of United Arab Emirates in terms of the development of the healthcare services and the implementation of the modern technology in health care, in accordance to the highest international practices.

She emphasized the keenness of Nicaragua for further reinforcing its health relations with the United Arab Emirates in several domains, like the exchanging of visits as well as experiences, the facilitation of training and the postgraduate studies along with empowering the health professionals for attending medical conferences and also workshops.

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