The focus of the Ministry of Home Affairs on developing ways to fight the manifesting threats faced by agencies

The Home Team Science and Technology Agency is to be established by the Ministry of Home Affairs. It will be focusing on the development of ways to fight the manifesting threats which are being faced by agencies under the Home Affairs.

OpenGov, as part of this novel initiative, will be looking at the ways in which the Home Team of Singapore has been using various new methods of technology.

It was overseen by the Forensic Division of Singapore’s Police Force that the crime scenes are investigated by firmly following the legal and scientific requirements made for it. This is for ensuring that there is minimal loss of evidence from the scene.

Science and technology have been implemented by the Singapore’s Police Force, such as portable 3-Dimensional scanning tools, in its methods for investigating a crime which has improved the efficacy of work.

Previously there was a requirement of manual measurement, as well as, calculating the bloodstain pattern for the analysis and investigations. There was also a requirement to bring back physical evidence back to the laboratory for analysis.

With the help of 3-Dimensional scanning tools, there can be a procession of physical evidence on-site, and there can be immediate sharing of the results with investigators identifying the suspects.

A DNA analyzer has also been developed by the researchers at the Home Team Investigation Laboratory. The Analyzer is an all-in-one system which helps in the identification of suspects or/and victims within two hours. This is a significant reduction from 6 to 8 hours in the previous systems.

The Multipurpose All-Terrain Autonomous Robot has video analytic capabilities, patrols or conducts autonomously and also detects anomalies of audio.

As a robot, it enables improved efficiency as it will never witness any feelings of fatigue or make human errors. It also gives provision of more support by spanning across larger areas.

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