The Japan-Korea Semiconductor fuss

Samsung and Sk Hynix, both the South Korean companies manufacture almost 17 percent of the world’s semiconductors. To produce these conductors, they are highly reliant on the import of Hydrogen fluoride gas from Japan, photoresists and fluorinated polyamide. Ninety percent of the polyamide market is managed by the Japanese firms which are required for the screen applications, hence the relationship between the neighboring profitable Asian countries is very important to the performance of global communications.

Japan has started to put export quotas of these products to South Korea because of the actions of the Supreme court’s decision in 2018 which required the Japanese Firms to compromise the involuntary workforce during the economic crisis (1910-45). The President of South Korea is not considered responsible for the court’s decision, however, his Democratic party is in its favor.

There is a massive story, mostly as a result of Trump-related stories made in the U.S. press. The story contains the third and the eleventh largest economies worldwide, and those nations that host the 1st and 3rd largest number of U.S. troops abroad.

Tokyo has pointed out that the treaty in 1965 that was between the two countries settled the leftover claims for amends, around $800 million at that moment. Tokyo has asked for international negotiations as a result of the court’s decision, however, it has been refused By Seoul.

This means that there’ll be months-long delays involving work, and deliveries of the above-named commodities from Japan to South Korea won’t be bonded. Stock values in various microchip suppliers within the U.S.(Intel) and Taiwan (Taiwan Semiconductor) has soared. Mostly neglected by the western press, this is often a heavy trade conflict occurring whereas Korean nationalism on each side of the demilitarized zone is incomparably high, at the side of sympathy for the union.

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