FMI 2020 claims Governments encourage functional food utilization

Functional Food is getting popular as the days pass. The sector has been thriving in the Middle East since it was launched there. The functional food group, or the nutraceuticals sectors, have a very high rate of development, and can be prescribe for self-medication and healthcare. This has risen awareness among buyers, causing them to value nutrients and staying healthy.

Nutraceuticals or functional foods deliver extra benefit when consumed. These benefits are beyond the regular nutritional benefits regular food gives. It has an enormous assortment food substances like stanol/sterol-enriched low-fat spreads, omega 3 fatty acid-enriched eggs, protein bread and probiotic yogurt. These foods can be consumed every day. The market demand is determined by the need and the buying power of the people of that region. Moreover, these food can help reduce the number of health related issues, like obesity and cholesterol, and raise awareness about healthy eating.

Functional foods enhance health to greater extents and are often used as alternatives to medication. Nevertheless, the major challenge faced is how to formulate functional foods and how to merge them with regular food and beverages. Furthermore, consumer wish to have more options to choose from rather than only the basic ones.

Research shows that the market demand for functional foods will sky-rocket, considering the changing trends and awareness about living a healthy lifestyle. To meet the potential high demand, food retail chains are designing and launching new variants for people to try, mainly in cereals and dairy products. This will create a long-term growth opportunity for everyone over the region.

The increasing demand for functional foods can be used as a perfect opportunity for firms to grow into a new sector. The high demand for nutraceuticals will help everyone grow. More profits can be produced if a firm is able to develop new variants as people are looking for them as well. The most promising business opportunities can be found in Qatar, Kuwait, and many other Middle Eastern countries.

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