Fresh committee formed by the UAE Cabinet to further increase healthcare standards across the country

A fresh commission created by the UAE Cabinet, authorities have announced, will try to further raise healthcare norms across the nation.

Members will develop a unified federal approach to improve patient care. Deputy Prime Minister Sheik Mansour bin Zayed will chair the commission.

The project is composed of a sequence of fresh guidelines announced by Dubai’s Vice President and Ruler Sheik Mohammed bin Rashid on Saturday.

Other main elements of his announcement include a renewed focus on the financial results of the country as well as a higher concentrate on community organizations.

“The conference adopted a variety of federal health-related choices and legislation to promote public health and deliver world-class health care,” a state news agency Wam declaration said.

“These choices are aimed at creating an extensive national attitude tohealth[and] fostering collaboration between appropriate federal and local authorities.” As part of attempts to enhance health care across the Emirates, the Committee is also anticipated to implement nutrition labels on certain food products.

Officials announced a tri-colour, red, yellow, and green label traffic lamp scheme to show sugar, salt, and fat content.

However, products like fruit, vegetables, meat and fish are probable to be excluded from the scheme. Fizzy drinks including energy drinks will also be excluded. When the policy will enter into effect, it is not yet evident.

“The Cabinet also introduced a strategy on dietary quality labels on products as part of the meeting’s agenda, aimed at promoting public health and encouraging individuals to choose good foods,” Wam said.

“As per this policy, food labels must include information on sugar, salt and fat content, as well as calories.

“To differentiate their dietary characteristics, food products will be categorized as one of three colours, red, yellow and green.

“The effect of this strategy will be evaluated in the future of society before its compulsory implementation.”

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