The method adopted by Singapore Airlines to offer the finest inflight meals

One could only imagine being able to appreciate farm-to-table meals during their flights. Singapore Airlines has come up with a fine solution to wanting to put a spin on the type of food they serve in-flight. The company is on the point of releasing its newest venture, ‘farm-to-plane.’ This program will serve the passengers of the flights with meals featuring local produce. As a matter of fact, the airline will be obtaining fresh produce from a New Jersey farm, Newark. Produce from this particular farms will only be provided to passengers on flights leaving from the New York region.

Wondering how different the meals will seem on your next Singapore Airlines flight? The vegetables and herbs used for in-flight meals on flights leaving the New York region had to be obtained from really far away prior to this project. This project that makes use of produce from Newark implies lesser shipping waste for Singapore Airlines.

Singapore’s head of US communications, James Boyd, said: “the greens for our flights from Newark had to be flown in from 3,000 miles away, from California, Mexico, or Florida.”

The airline is only just beginning with New York. They intend to internationally develop this program. Starting a trend like this will prove to be very advantageous for the eco-friendly businesses which practice sustainable farming.

For this venture, the airline is joining forces with AeroFarms so they can keep this up even in winters.

The airline intends to be the forerunner in the quest of developing sustainable flights. It uses data-based technology to greatly lessen its food waste. Singapore Airlines has also expressed its desire to bring about the complete eradication of single-use plastics and straws on their flights.