Digital transformation at Prosegur for integrated security

Like many others, the industry of security is enjoying the benefits of digital transformation as it provides new solutions to unique challenges. Prosegur, a multinational private security company is leading this movement in the security industry by the implementation of a ‘security transformation’. Prosegur’s Head of Integrated Technology Security Solutions in Singapore, Christian de Suñer said that in the year 2011, Prosegur started its journey into by acquiring many different local security agencies in Singapore. He said that at that time, he played his role in the integration of those agencies into the Group and now he leads the department of the Integrated Technology Security Solutions, whose main role was to adopt technology and transform with it, their existing sites as well as to secure the newly integrated contracts of security.

One of the major developments that were practiced by Prosegur has been the introduction of offsite ‘Smart Centres’, by using technology for offering better security services at all the sites. Suner said that in some cases, they had an operator made in charge of staying in the control room and handling several tasks at the same time such as digital patrolling through cameras. He said that the job that would take one hour to do physically could be done in fifteen minutes digitally. He explained that their goal was to complement and support their physical patrols. In this way, greater productivity can be achieved and more frequent patrols can be carried out and at the same time, the vulnerabilities of getting sick, as well as weather problems, can be reduced. This way, their efficiency is maximized and better security is provided with lesser resources.