New wireless earbuds from LG come with a germ-killing case

As every other major tech player is announcing their take on the wireless earbuds, it has become very challenging to stand out amongst this competition and in order to do, a company must have something difeerent, a selling point or a feature that is unique and not offered elsewhere. For LG, it seems to be sanitation.

LG, the South Korean electronics company has announced recently, the launch of the LG Tone+ Free. These first wireless earbuds of the company feature the Meridian Audio’s signal processing technology and around six hours of battery time on a single charge. LG claims that a recharge of mere five minutes will allow the users of a listening time of one hour.

The differentiator in the case of Tone+ Free of LG is its charging case.  Along with storing just storing the earbuds and charging them, this case also features an ultraviolet light which has been specifically designed for disinfecting the headphones between uses. It is developed on the same concept as the toothbrush sanitizers.


Although it is not a very bad idea, but the point is that majority of the buyers don’t care about this. Non-germophobes don’t really care about having clean headphones. We hardly know any people who clean their headphones.

The LG Tone+ Free wireless earbuds shall be made available in black and white. The black variant shall be launched on 28th October followed by the white model in November. There has not been any word regarding its availability in the United States or its prices, but in Korea, they’ll be available for 259,999 won.

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