Services provided by Dr Sanjay Paithankar to the common public of UAE

In the year 1988, a surprising turn of events happened which weren’t intentionally planned. Dr Sanjay Paithankar had the plan of going back to India, his home, and to build a hospital there for the needy. He was 59 years old at that time when he was in UAE and had the aim to go back home and start working on making a hospital. It turned out that it wasn’t supposed to happen this way so he stayed there and dedicated his services to make the health care better in that country.

Dr Sanjay was the kind of man who wanted to be of help to the needy and desperate people. Today, he has dedicated all his life to helping poor people get a better health care facility. It has been 31 years since he started this work to help humanity. He continues to provide health care in the UAE and satisfies himself because his aim was to help the people and be like a beam of light in the dark lives of the poor.

Regardless of the inflation of prices and taxes, Dr Paithankar’s utmost priority was helping the people that are in need and he has been like this for the last thirty years. He has proved himself to be the kind of doctor that cares more about the patients’ health than his fees. His earnings have grown but his reputation is touching the skies. He has managed to remain the doctor who is affordable even for very poor people.

He says that unlike other doctors he wants to help the people in need. Being poor shouldn’t mean you can’t even get basic treatment if you are sick so he doesn’t increase his fees too much even if he is at a loss.

Unlike other doctors, Dr Paithankar has made a name and has gotten blessings and prayers from the needy. He didn’t forget about his duty to his nation in the greed for money and is ideal for the others.