AI Now Utilized In UAE

Artificial Intelligence might be the most leading technology in the world right now. It is not the latest but this is definitely the peak of the technology with many different advancements on the way. The healthcare industry in United Arab Emirates is one of the most leading in the world. This is why lately, in hopes to develop it and maintain its position they have recently announced the commercialization of certain startups that are focused on the use of AI in the healthcare.

According to recent news, YourDoctors.Online (YDO) which is an app based in Canada is now providing consultations for women in UAE. This is through the process of the country to introduce new technologies in the healthcare industry. The government has released a platform that connects all businesses and startups that are aiding the field with their technologies.

The firm has already established its operations in the US, UK and Canada and is now exploring the UAE. This was commented on by the founder of YourDoctors.Online, Nauman Jaffar by saying, “We are very keen to physically set up our operations in the UAE having registered an attractive traffic from the Middle East. We are also in talks with various government authorities to explore how we can establish our footprint and with launch of new policies like 10-year visa and Golden Card it only adds to stability for the entrepreneurs. As many crucial healthcare decisions are taking by women, it is extremely important to ensure that they have access to resources and medical expertise necessary for making informed decisions.”

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