New Laser Technology Using Organic Semiconductors

As the semiconductor market is now up for grabs due to the trade war between China and the United States, all the different neighboring countries are  moving forward into showing their presence. This includes a huge development war between Japan, South Korea, Singapore and Malaysia. With the competition head to head, a new development has just been made by Japan in the semiconductors field that might actually cause it to win the race.

Recent news claim that a team of developers from the Kyushu University in Japan were able to develop a new laser diode. This new laser is blue in color and is made up of organic semiconductors. The new invention is considered as the first of its kind; using organic semiconductors. This invention might be used for applications including, biosensing, displays, healthcare, and optical communications.

This was commented on by the lead researcher of the group, Dr. Atula S. D. Sandanayaka from the Center for Organic Photonics and Electronics Research (OPERA) at Kyushu University in his publication in the Applied Physics Express journal.

He further commented saying, “I think that many people in the community were doubting whetheorganic laser diodedevice structuresr we would actually one day see the realization of an organic laser diode, but by slowing chipping away at the various performance limitations with improved materials and new device structures, we finally did it. By optimizing these grids, we could not only obtain the desired optical properties but also control the flow of electricity in the devices and minimize the amount of electricity required to observe lasing from the organic thin film.”

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