10,000 Technology Jobs In Singapore

Technology in Singapore is one of the most important fields due to the fact that the country is considered as the leading country in the world in terms of technological developments. They were able to invest in the field making sure that all their sectors are benefitting from the tech and reaching better services and qualities.

Accordingly, a new report has been released lately by the government showing the potential for having a total of 10,000 different jobs in the technology field through only the upcoming 3 years. This analysis is true as the country wants to start enforcing the use of technology on everyone and having a well-developed tribe. According to the latest news, enforcing technology in workplace is led by India rather than Singapore, which is why the country is now expanding towards adding more technology in the workplace and personalizing the process.

This was enforced by the Digital Industry Singapore (DISG), which is a governmental body associated with the use of technology in different sectors and is now responsible for creating new and better policies for the country in terms of technology use and expansion. DISG is also responsible for aiding companies while implementing different technologies in the workplace including ride-hailing, e-commerce, fintech, cybersecurity and artificial intelligence.

This was commented on by chief digital industry officer, DISG, Kiren Kumar who commented saying, “DISG will seek to achieve our mission to establish Singapore as a global-Asia technology hub.”

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