New Developer Lab For Urban Design In Singapore

Singapore has been focusing on technology lately making it a big part of all its industries. The country has been recently classified as the number one top technological country expansion in the world which has also helped surpass the United States.

With many different companies in the country being inspired to implement new developments and technologies, Urban development and business space solutions provider Ascendas-Singbridge Group (ASB) decided to take a new approach for their product using technology.

The company is expected to launch a Smart Urban Co-Innovation Lab which will allow innovative minds in the field to create and learn how to well-develop new urban designs using up to date technology. This move was due to a partnership created with Infocomm Media Development Authority (IMDA) and Enterprise Singapore. They will try to create the very first developer-led lab in the whole region of Southeast Asia.

This was commented on by the Assistant Chief Executive Officer, Enterprise Singapore, Eunice Koh by saying, “The Smart Urban Co-Innovation Lab allows our SMEs to work on real life problem statements of developers, service providers and customers. In the process of developing and testing their solutions, they also build up their track records, which is a prerequisite when they export their solutions abroad. The Smart Urban Co-Innovation Lab is another firm step we are taking to accelerate the growth of a vibrant and innovation-driven smart estates sector. We hope that our companies participate in the lab, co-innovate and take advantage of the growth opportunities in a digital economy in Singapore and beyond.”

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