Avivo Group New Move For Partnership

The healthcare in United Arab Emirates is looking towards expansions and partnerships. This was observed lately through Avivo Group which is one of the best service providers in Dubai for Healthcare. The company has recently moved towards provided specialized units where they will provide the highest quality work for their patients. The company so far owns a team of 220 doctors who are the top in the region with employees reaching a total value of 1200.

This company was able to serve up to 1 million patients per year which makes it one of the biggest companies in healthcare providing in the region. This new move is expected to increase their numbers in terms of efficiency and success. The facilities will also be able to serve more people per year according to the anticipated results.

This was commented on by Dr. Dilshaad Ali who is the Chief Executive Officer of Avivo Group by saying, “The management is shifting its focus from low revenue high volume businesses to more complex, high revenue specialties that deliver exceptional outcomes. We have been seeing a drastic drop in reimbursements by insurers and third-party administrators for general healthcare. The consolidation of providers in this segment will help stabilize the industry as well. The industry needs serious reform to ensure sustainability. While Dubai embarks on being a medical tourism hub for the region, we align ourselves to meet the domestic demand and the medical tourists coming to Dubai who are more in need of medical institutions that offer specialized care for complex medical conditions and deliver high-value care.”

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