BlackBerry Tightens Relations With LG Electronics

A company that used to be leading in the world in terms of phones and being the number one selling phone on the earth was BlackBerry. Back in 2010 BlackBerry was leading the market in terms of its newest technology known as BBM which is a messenger that allows free connection between all BlackBerry users. This services killed the market with a huge increase in sales as the target audience were dyeing to stay connected.

However, a few years later and Samsung and Apple started their feud and they both started releasing their smartphone technologies which pushed BlackBerry into a hole. Recent news show that BlackBerry might still be looking to come back to the market. The company has recently started to have talks with LG Electronics to start their own partnership. Both companies used to have different connections on a few technologies throughout the years, but now they are focusing on a great expansion that can boost LG Electronics sales and can get BlackBerry Ltd back to the market.

This was commented on by John Clen, the BlackBerry executive chair  during his interview with a few reporters by saying, “But more importantly, LG has agreed to use almost all of our components where applicable … and then we have a much bigger ARPU, which is average revenue per user or per car. So it expands the dollar value of what we offer and it also goes wider.”

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