Exports Of Semiconductors Decreasing

The semiconductors business in Japan has been dropping lately with no or minimal solutions or changes to the market. Recent reports on this phenomena compares the past 6 month in terms of the exports of the most valuable electronic scheme in the world the semiconductors. According to the news, there has been a huge drop in numbers due to the lack of demand in the world lately as the trade war progress.

The struggle is real with Japan as for 6 month numbers have been decreasing together with performance. Many experts in the country are commenting on the news together with government officials who are all looking forward to find better solutions to raise the market and taking it back on track. Semiconductors play a very strong part for the economy of the country which is why it is important to keep it high and well-going.

This was commented on by the senior economist at Mitsubishi UFJ Morgan Stanley Securities, Mr. Hiroshi Miyazaki who said, “The business sentiment of Japanese firms, and in particular exporters, is falling depending on the extent of U.S.-China trade tensions, and that will suppress exporters’ capital expenditure. I think that will be a negative for Japan’s economy. Although export volumes are unlikely to be as weak as they were in the last quarter, a likely rebound in import volumes means that net trade should turn into a drag on GDP (gross domestic product) growth in Q2.”

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