New Infrared Sensor For Missile Launch

New technology rising from Japan include the newest semiconductor using technology which is the infrared sensor. This is part of their defensive system where they are working on creating a new technology of infrared sensor that will detect any missiles launched and moving towards or out of the country. This was a move made to cope with the danger rising from North Korea in terms of ballistic missiles being launched frequently.

The country has decided to create a system to cope with the different dangers called as The missile defense alarm system created by the Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency, or JAXA. The system and technology is already out and right now the company is focused on testing the project to be able to make it functioning perfectly by 2020. This new infrared system will be installed on the aerospace agency new Advanced Optical Satellite, or ALOS-3.

This new rocket is the product of Mitsubishi Heavy Industries which is the rocket known as the H2A rockets. This sensor is created mainly using semiconductors which can be as efficient and precise as two infrared wavelength. The sensors will be kept in the testing phase till 2024. They are also planning to launch a satellite into space to help aid the sensor and the technology to be able to give perfect results for foreign bodies entering the atmosphere in terms of missiles. Semiconductors play a very strong and important part in this product.

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