Samsung Electronics: The Leading In South Korea Mobile Phones Market

With South Korea being the leading country in the world in electronics, the competition gets stiff between the companies on who will provide the best service and products to the world. Many well-known popular companies can be added to the list as Samsung Electronics Co., LG Electronics and other companies.

Yet, with the noticed setback in the market of Samsung and their products, however the reports and analysis has shown that the company is the leading in the South Korean Market for the smartphones sector. According to all the values of the different companies who provide smartphones, in Q1 Samsung as always has been the leading company. Numbers show that 65% of the whole market share is taken by Samsung which is a very huge number compared to competitors.

Furthermore, more reports show that Apply in South Korea comes in second place with only 18% of the market as theirs. This shows the huge difference between both companies in terms of success in South Korea. It might be obvious how Samsung can take a bigger part of the market in their own country of origin.

Not only that, but Apple actually show a decrease of market share compared to the previous year which reached almost 20%. The third company on the list is LG Electronics which eats almost 16% of the market share in South Korea; 1% lower than the previous year.

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