New 3D Printing in Healthcare UAE

When healthcare field is developed at high levels, the next step is to use all the technologies out there that can be used to change the way things work. This delivered through United Arab Emirates which has one of the most developed healthcare fields in the world. Which is why certain companies in the country are looking forward to start expanding to the use of new technologies. This includes the use of 3D printing to produce certain items and products that can be used in the health care field.

This was provided by one of the strong companies in the field known as Sinterex which will be the first licensed company for 3D printing in the field. This was commented on and explained by the Founder and Managing Director of Sinterex, called Julian Callanan by saying, “First, the country is very open to new business concepts and ideas and developing a license is very simple with the support of the Dubai Economic Department. Second, the country is in close proximity to large markets such as Saudi Arabia and Pakistan which provide export opportunities. It is possible to be in Bahrain for next day delivery. Sinterex has a customer in South Africa who was waiting for two weeks to receive shipments from the US but now receives in just three to four days from us. We work with dental clinics, maxillofacial surgeons and now with cardiologists and other medical specialists who are interested in capturing information about human organs in a 3D format.”

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