Samsung BioLogics Fraud Complications

Samsung Electronics has recently had a lot of different problems in terms of legal actions, court rules and other changes. The company has seen many different changes in the past month alone which might be greater than the overall problems faced during their legacy. However, the newest attack to the company might be the strongest one by far, was the de facto head of the company, Lee Jay Young, who has recently been investigated into the accounting fraud case that has occurred to the biotech affiliate of the company known as Samsung BioLogics.

To keep up with the changes, it is important to understand that this case has been up and out for almost a month with a new person taken into custody weekly starting from employees to middle management and upper board members. However, the move towards Mr. Lee was a strong move by the court to investigate which shows how big the issue is. However, Mr. Lee was able to avoid the investigation yet his advisor, Chung Hyun-ho, was taken in for an investigation that lasted for almost 17 hours.

This was commented on by one of the attorney at Sangrok law firm known as Seo Gi-ho; which was directly connected to the case. He commented saying, “Many prosecutors are susceptible to Samsung lobbying, but Yoon is an exception. He is strongly motivated to investigate. We ask you to avoid excessive reporting… while the investigation is still ongoing. He will come under pressure. There will be a lot of pushback.”

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