New Change in Japan’s Semiconductors Market

The semiconductors market has been decreasing lately due to many different reasons worldwide. Semiconductors are a product of the leading South East Asian countries including South Korea, Japan, Thailand, China, Malaysia and Singapore. However, the main competition in such a service is between China and Japan who are the top leading countries in technology and electronics. China has had a huge setback recently in their market due to the trade war taking place between them and the United States.

This has also had a huge setback to the rest of the countries including Japan which were affected by the ban enforced by the United State on China which has stopped many different deals from taking place. This ban has closed a lot of moving money in and out of the region which caused the decline of the market. However, recently there has been better looks for Japan in terms of finding more sales as the country has decided to move forward and start filling gaps in the United States supply that were held by China. Different deals has been observed between Japan and the US that copes with the change in stance.

This was  commented on by the president and CEO of the Semiconductor Industry Association named John Neuffer who said with excitement, “The global semiconductor industry posted solid year-to-year growth in October and is on pace for its highest-ever annual sales in 2018, but growth has moderated in recent months. Although strong sales of DRAM products continue to boost overall market growth.”

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