Healthcare Summit In Abu Dhabi

As healthcare is of great importance to a country as developed as United Arab Emirates, they are always focusing on moving forward with the field. One of the steps taken to help aid this vision is the fact that the Middle East Healthcare Financing Summit and the Middle East Healthcare Revolution Summit will be taking place in Abu Dhabi this year featuring top experts and bodies in the field from all over the world.  The main purpose of these events is to develop the healthcare to meet a better demand and provide a better quality of life for patients.

New reports on the field suggest that the investments being placed in the MENA region for the healthcare field alone might be reaching a total of US$144 billion by 2020. These are all investments obtained through private sectors and the government itself, trying to find better results and better developments.

This was commented on by the Maarefah Management Managing Director known as Dr. Doaa Said who said, “The GCC’s current focus on healthcare investment means the region is poised to become a leader in the healthcare sector and stay at the forefront of implementing new technologies, innovating new methods, and delivering value to practitioners and patients alike. The event will bring together regulators, healthcare investors, medical practitioners and technology providers from the healthcare sector under one roof to discuss upcoming trends. In Abu Dhabi, we seek to build a cohesive society with a world-class healthcare system that is secured financially.”

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