Samsung To Launch Their First Electric Vehicle

Samsung Electronics is one of the biggest electronics companies in South Korea being responsible for the home appliances sector and mobile phones. With the recent trade war between United states and China the companies is now looking forward to regain a huge part of the market with Huawei being down. One of the internal concerns with the company was the fact of whether the current leading body will take steps on leaving the company or will continue to grow the business to further and better prospects.

The company is now moving towards the 5G technology which will be released with the upcoming Samsung phone release. However, the company is not only limited to the phones where they have a body of the affiliate market known as Samsung Electro-Mechanics which is responsible to deliver multilayer ceramic capacitors and semiconductors. This sector was visited by Samsung Vice Chairman Lee.

Now why Samsung Electro-Mechanics which are responsible for the production of the capacitors known as MLCC are trying to find a new business model which will help them start their first electric vehicle. This is due to the fact that a single smartphone might need up to 1,000 MLCCs while the vehicle will need about 13,000 which they believe is doable and deliverable.

This was commented on by Lee by saying, “Both car components and 5G are major interests of the vice chairman concerning Samsung’s future growth. Believing that Samsung can’t lead the ‘fourth industrial revolution’ move alone, collaboration between the electronics units and other affiliates as well as outside partners was discussed during the meetings with the executives.”

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